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Crunch the numbers with our handy financial calculators.

What is the true cost of my credit card debt?

It's so easy to whip out a credit card at the grocery store, mall or gas station. But what is all that charging really costing you?
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How much can I save if I consolidate my debt?

With low rates, we can help save you money by consolidating your bills into one lower monthly payment. Calculate how much you can save each month with a home equity debt consolidation loan.
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Should I refinance?

If rates are lower since you bought your house, you could have extra money in hand every month by refinancing. See if refinancing makes sense for you.
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Which improvements make sense?

If you're thinking of making renovations, find out which ones will add the most value to your home.
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Monthly payment calculator

Find out how much your dream house will cost you each month.
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About the Calculators:
The calculators are for comparative and/or estimative purposes only; accuracy is not guaranteed. The calculators do not ensure or imply your eligibility for a home equity loan or line of credit from Home Loan or its affiliates. If you have any questions about this calculator, please call 1-800-223-1700.